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Our Staff, Lessons & Pro Tips

Our dedicated team of professionals is here to service all of your golfing needs. From golf instruction to learning the rules of the game, and all that falls in between, our professionals are here to help you every step of the way. Excellence in customer service is what we strive for, as our goal is to make your stay at The Oasis a most memorable one.

Our professional team is headed up by our PGA Head Golf Professional Steve Toth. Steve has been our Head Professional since 1993 and with The Oasis since 1988. Our inside operations are complete with our Golf Shop Staff, Rick Downes PGA, Rigo Olvera, and Paulette Feil.


We have a variety of learning opportunities available at The Oasis. Our skilled teaching professionals offer private lessons and group clinics. Practice your short game on our practice putting green, your full swing at our practice range, or take it out on the course and test your skills against the challenge of our 22 lakes. We offer programs to fit all skill levels - whether you are just a beginning golfer or an advanced player who needs to fine tune your game. 

Private Lessons Members- $50.00 per half hour
Guests-     $60.00 per half hour
Series of Six (6) Lessons Members- $250.00
Guests-     $300.00
(Call for Dates/Times)


Steve Toth
PGA Class A Professional
Our Head Golf Professional

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  1. Make sure your feet, hips, and shoulders are square to where you would like the ball to start.

  2. Make sure your eyes are directly over the ball.

  3. Watch your clubface position at address. It should be square to the line in which you want your putt to start.

  4. Be sure your ball is positioned in the "sweet spot" of your putter.

  5. Most importantly, make sure you keep a soft consistent grip pressure throughout the stoke. A change in grip pressure will greatly effect not only your direction, but more importantly your distance control.